Камуфляж Recent "Moro" pattern

Камуфляж Recent "Moro" pattern

Оригинальное название: "Moro" - perhaps designated Model 75

Переведенное название: Нет данных

История: Introduced in the early 70's (or 1969) and produced until replaced by the "crocodile" pattern in the 90's. A source state that it was originally designed and produced in E. Germany. To make the fabric fire resistant, asbestos fiber was added during the production. However, in late 80's the Polish Army discovered that this combination actually glow in the light of the night vision equipment! (a source state that it was not the Moro but the Puma pattern)

Использование: The standard Polish camouflage pattern for many years

Расцветка: Light grey-green background with green "worm pattern".

Дополнительная информация: Thanks to Mark Skrzynski. There was also a parachuters version of this uniform, designated Ubior Skoczka (= Parachutist Uniform).

Камуфляж Recent Moro pattern
Камуфляж Recent Moro pattern Камуфляж Recent Moro pattern


Теги: Армия

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