Камуфляж Bundeswehr Splittermuster

Камуфляж Bundeswehr Splittermuster

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История: The Bundeswehr Splittermuster (Splinter pattern) was introduced in 1956 - the same year as the Bundeswehr (the West German Armed Forces) were formed.

Использование: Used by the (West) German armed forces until the early 1960ies

Расцветка: A splinter pattern: greyish-green background with a brown, green and white geometric pattern. Overprinted with greyish-green "rain drops". The pattern is very similar to the "Heeres-Splittermuster 31" (used for "Zeltbahn" and camouflage clothing for the Wehrmacht during WW2)

Дополнительная информация: The cut of the uniform was based on uniforms developed during the preparation for the EVG (Europдische Verteidigungs Gemeinschaft - European Defence Cooperation) - a cooperation between France, (West) Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The proposal for the EVG was shut down in 1954 when France didn't want to participate.
The begging og the of the Bundeswehr Splittermuster came when it was decided in 1959 that the combat uniform should be made in plain colour instead of camouflage. The uniform was also too cold during winter.
The Bundeswehr Splittermuster replaced a uniform produced in Belgium in the Leibermuster pattern - this was however only used briefly by the Bundeswehr

Камуфляж Bundeswehr Splittermuster
Камуфляж Bundeswehr Splittermuster Камуфляж Bundeswehr Splittermuster


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