Камуфляж Vz 60

Камуфляж Vz 60

Оригинальное название: Vz 60

Переведенное название: Model 60

История: Introduced in the beginning of the 60'ies

Использование: The standard camouflage pattern of the Czechoslovakian army - the Czech army has after the split with Slovakia adopted a Woodland type camouflage

Расцветка: Brown "rain streaks" on a green background with green spots. It was in soldiers' slang called "jehlicí" (needles). It is quite curious that there are these green spots as they are hard to see close up, and impossible to see at a distance.

Дополнительная информация: The pattern is called "Vzor 60" (pattern 60). It was replaced by the plain green Vz. 85 - and later by the current woodland (Vz. 95) in the Czech Army. The hood is detachable

Камуфляж Vz 60
Камуфляж Vz 60 Камуфляж Vz 60 Камуфляж Vz 60


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