Камуфляж T/78

Камуфляж T/78

Оригинальное название: Testuniform T/78

Переведенное название: Trial Uniform T/78

История: Trial uniform introduced in 1978 for tests. The expercienses from these tests led to the M/84 camouflage uniform which differs from the T/78 in a number of ways.

Использование: Used by some units for at short period of time instead of M/84

Расцветка: A 3 colour "spotted pattern": olive green, light green and black (the olive green is somewhat more brownish than the background colour of the M/84 uniform). The pattern is perhaps developed by the French firm Texunion or the German firm Marquardt & Schulz. The pattern is based on the Flecktarn pattern in use by the German Armed Forces, but with a reduced number of colours.

Дополнительная информация: The uniform has a "beaver tail" and has buttons a number of places where the M/84 has push buttons: the cuffs, attachment of the hood etc.

Камуфляж T/78
Камуфляж T/78 Камуфляж T/78 Камуфляж T/78


Теги: Пятно, flecktarn, Армия

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