Камуфляж RDAF M/84

Камуфляж RDAF M/84

Оригинальное название: Kampjakke M/84

Переведенное название: Combat jacket M/84

История: Нет данных

Использование: Used by RDAF (Royal Danish Air Force). The jacket looks like a normal Army M/84 jacket, but all buttons and snap fasteners have been replaced with velcro. All RDAF uniforms have this feature to avoid loosing buttons etc in aircraft or on runways etc.

Расцветка: The standard M/84 Camouflage pattern: green background with a light green and black pattern.

Дополнительная информация: The label on the jacket reads HMAK (Army Material Command) despite it's use by the Royal Danish Air Force - HMAK is procuring uniforms for the RDAF and the Danish Navy.

Камуфляж RDAF M/84
Камуфляж RDAF M/84 Камуфляж RDAF M/84 Камуфляж RDAF M/84


Теги: ВВС, Армия, ВМС

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