Камуфляж Puma pattern

Камуфляж Puma pattern

Оригинальное название: Wzór 89

Переведенное название: Pattern 89

История: This pattern was introduced as a replacement for the "Moro" pattern around 1993-95 as it had no asbetos in it

Использование: Used as a replacement for the "Moro" pattern

Расцветка: Some call this the "leopard" pattern is wrong, "lizard skin" would be more appropiate: light green background with a number of green spots in an irregular pattern - the Poles themselves called it "crocodile" or "puma".

Дополнительная информация: On the front two upper and two lower pockets. A pocket on each shoulder and a pocket lower on the left arm. Two pockets closed with a zip on the back. (The same configuration as the current Polish "woodland" uniform. There also exits a "true leopard" (or panther) pattern camouflage uniform: light green background with brown spots bordered in dark green. Нет данныхrmation on its use. A source state that the current Polish camouflage i s called "pantera" (panther). Thanks to Mark Skrzynski. The uniform has the badge of the 6th Airborne Brigade on the right shoulder. A source says that it was this uniform and not the Moro that was "glowing" in night vision equipment.

Камуфляж Puma pattern
Камуфляж Puma pattern Камуфляж Puma pattern


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