Камуфляж M/84

Камуфляж M/84

Оригинальное название: Kampuniform M/84

Переведенное название: Combat Uniform M/84

История: The M/84 is based on the experiences gained by the T/78 trial uniform. It was put into widespread use around 1984 and has since then gradually replaced the previous M/58 plain green uniform.

Использование: Standard combat uniform of the Danish armed forces. It had replaced the plain green M/58 combat uniform in the army by around 1990 and has now almost replaced the previous uniform in the Home Guard.

Расцветка: A 3 colour "spotted pattern": olive green, light green and black (the olive green is somewhat more green than the background colour of the T/78 uniform). The pattern is perhaps developed by the French firm Texunion or the German firm Marquardt & Schulz. The camouflage pattern has been a copyright of the Danish Armed Forces, hence it was very difficult to obtain this uniform for collectors. A Danish firm sells remakes of this uniform sewn in Italy where the pattern is about 10 % different from the original M/84 pattern and then was legal to sell. But for Army has given up the copyright issue and has begun selling these uniforms as used, so they can now be bought in a number of shops. The pattern is based on the Flecktarn pattern in use by the German Armed Forces, but with a reduced number of colours.

Дополнительная информация: The overall configuration of the uniform is the same as the T/78, but it uses push buttons a number of places instead of the normal buttons of the T/78. It does not have a "beaver's tail".

Камуфляж M/84
Камуфляж M/84 Камуфляж M/84 Камуфляж M/84


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