Камуфляж Lizard Pattern

Камуфляж Lizard Pattern

Оригинальное название: M47 Toutes Troupes Armées

Переведенное название: M47 All branches of the Army

История: The French lizard pattern was used on camouflage uniforms from the uniform Mle 47, used by paratroopers. Later the pattern was also used by other branches of the Army. This is a pair of M47 trousers - a "Toutes Troupes Armées" (all branches) uniform.

Использование: After the war in Algeria (1962) the lizzard camouflage is only used by the French Foreign Legion on its overseas postings

Расцветка: The background colour is light green with streaks of brown and medium green. Where the brown overlaps the green streaks the colour is dark brown. The lizard pattern is called "Leopard" in French

The "Leopard pattern" is probably the forefather of the famous tigerstripe pattern (associated with the Vietnam War)

Дополнительная информация: This particular uniform was produced in 1977 by the company U.T.A.H. (Paris). The trousers has elasticated cuffs. Uniforms of this type was used in the Kolwezi jump.

Камуфляж Lizard Pattern
Камуфляж Lizard Pattern Камуфляж Lizard Pattern Камуфляж Lizard Pattern


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