Камуфляж Lime ERDL

Камуфляж Lime ERDL

Оригинальное название: Coat, Man's, Camouflage, Cotton, Wind Resistant Poplin, Class 2

Переведенное название: Нет данных

История: The pattern was developed by the US Army Engineer Research and Development Laboratory in 1948.

Использование: Used by US Armed Forces in Vietnam. Issued to US Army special units from February 1967. All US Marines were issued this uniform beginning 1968-69.

Расцветка: 4 colour leaf pattern: medium green, light green, brown and black.

Дополнительная информация: This version is called "lime" due to the light green, but is also called "lowlands". There is another version called "brown" (or "highlands") with tan instead of light green. The US quartermasters did not distinguish between the two version (and they had the same stock number). I think the lime version was introduced in 1967 and the brown in 1969.

Камуфляж Lime ERDL
Камуфляж Lime ERDL Камуфляж Lime ERDL Камуфляж Lime ERDL


Теги: erdl, Лист, Армия, Морская пехота

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