Камуфляж Flora

Камуфляж Flora

Оригинальное название: Kostjum Kh/6 Letnij Polevoj

Переведенное название: Summer Field Uniform Kh/6

История: Нет данных

Использование: Used by the Russian Army since 1993-94 - or - as other sources state - since 1998-99.

Расцветка: Three colour Camouflage pattern: medium green background with a pattern of green and brown. The official designation of the pattern is apparently VSR-98.

Дополнительная информация: The Flora pattern is the standard pattern used by the Russian Army - it is now illegal to wear this pattern in Russia by non-soldiers. It exists in 4 versions: Green dominant, brown dominant, khaki dominant and sand dominant.

Камуфляж Flora
Камуфляж Flora Камуфляж Flora Камуфляж Flora


Теги: Армия, Лето

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