Камуфляж Blumentarn

Камуфляж Blumentarn

Оригинальное название: Flachentarnmuster

Переведенное название: Patterned camouflage

История: Taken into service in the late fifties by the East German Army (NVA - Nationale Volksarmee) and MDI (Ministry of the Interior). It was produced until 1967 and replaced by the Strichmuster ("needle pattern") which was produced from 1965 and on.

Использование: Used by the East German Army (NVA) and Ministry of the Interior (MDI)

Расцветка: An "amoeba" pattern: tan background with medium brown, light green and dark green "splotches". This pattern is besides Blumentarn ("flower camouflage") also called "Kartoffelmuster" ("potato pattern")

Дополнительная информация: There are several variations of this uniform (Daniel Peterson distinguishes in his book "Waffen SS Camouflage Uniforms & Post-War Derivatives" 9 different versions of the jacket and two of the trousers). My jacket is one of the earlier patterns with has an attached hood and face veil.

Камуфляж Blumentarn
Камуфляж Blumentarn Камуфляж Blumentarn Камуфляж Blumentarn


Теги: амеба, Армия, Мазки

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