Камуфляж 4 colour Czechoslovak "Sumpfmuster"

Камуфляж 4 colour Czechoslovak "Sumpfmuster"

Оригинальное название: Нет данных

Переведенное название: Нет данных

История: Based on the German "Sumpfmuster" ("marsh pattern") from WW2. It was produced in different versions by Czechoslovakia after WW2 for poncho/shelters and uniforms.

Использование: Used by the Czechoslovak Army

Расцветка: 4 colours: tan background overprinted with medium green, dark green and brown "splotches" and dark green streaks. Each of the "splotches" is surrounded of a rim in a lighter colour.

Дополнительная информация: The first version of this pattern was almost identical to the original German (probably printed by the same rollers as the German). Then this pattern came with 4 colours instead of the original three. It was later followed by a third pattern with white areas in the pattern. The poncho is about 190 by 190 cms

Камуфляж 4 colour Czechoslovak Sumpfmuster
Камуфляж 4 colour Czechoslovak Sumpfmuster


Теги: Армия, Мазки

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