Камуфляж DPM

Камуфляж DPM

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История: Introduced in the Dutch Army in the late 1980'ies. It was first used by the 11th Airmobile Brigade.

Использование: Standard uniform of the Dutch Army. The Korps Mariniers (Dutch Marines) are using US woodland uniforms, however.

Расцветка: The camouflage pattern is almost identical to the British DPM - there is a slight difference in colours, however. They resemble the Pattern 94 uniform

Дополнительная информация: The Royal Netherland Marines started using a woodland style pattern in 1983 in the Dutch West Indies. In 1986 a DPM version was issued to the Marines (with a shirt tucked inside the pants). A couple of years later (around 1988) a new uniform (the pattern depicted here) were issued to the Dutch Army. 1993 the Dutch Marines began using US type woodland uniforms.

Камуфляж DPM
Камуфляж DPM Камуфляж DPM Камуфляж DPM


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