Камуфляж DPM

Камуфляж DPM

Оригинальное название: Disruptive Pattern Material

Переведенное название: Нет данных

История: The uniform was issued to troops in Ireland March 2000, but was issued to troops abroad for six months before that. The uniforms were first issued to members of the Permanent Defence Force (PDF), but in March 2002 also to the FCÁ (Reserve Forces)

Использование: Used by the Irish Defence Forces

Расцветка: 4 colours: light green, medium green, black and dark brown.

Дополнительная информация: This camouflage pattern is often compared with the French CE pattern, but they are quite different. The uniforms are produced by Seyntex.

Камуфляж DPM
Камуфляж DPM Камуфляж DPM Камуфляж DPM


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