Камуфляж Desert uniform

Камуфляж Desert uniform

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Расцветка: The pattern is kind of hard to describe: sand yellow background with olive green and earth brown large splotches. There is also areas and small splotches of light green and light brown.

Дополнительная информация: This uniform with desert boots made in matching material is sold in mint condition from a number of surplus stores. There is no label or stamps in the jacket - except for a white cloth tape with the following text in black: "390 610-B C-56" sewn on inside the jacket. There is also a wide brim boonie hat available in this pattern.

All sources state that it is from either Czechoslovakia or Czech Republic. One source state that the pattern dates back from the 60's and was used by Czechoslovak UN observers.

Another that it was developed around the period of the 1st Gulf War. The latter is supported by official photographs of the new tan and brown Czech desert uniform worn with boots made in this curious pattern.

A third source says that this is purely a commercial item.

A fourth source says that the uniform was produced for a Czechoslovakian deployment of troops to Afghanistan during the Soviet war in Afghanistan (1979-89). The troops were however never deployed. A fifth source states that the pattern was developed by the company Otavan Trebon after the 1st Gulf War (where Czech NBC troops wore the plain green Vz 85 uniform). The uniform was never accepted by the Czech armed forces and the clothing used for different types of clothing aimed at the civilian marked.

Камуфляж Desert uniform
Камуфляж Desert uniform Камуфляж Desert uniform


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