Камуфляж Reversible

Камуфляж Reversible

Оригинальное название: Нет данных

Переведенное название: Нет данных

История: Trial uniform - not officially issued on a wide scale

Использование: Issued to special forces during the Sino-Vietnam War in 1979 (see below for further comments)

Расцветка: Reversible - side A "leaf pattern", side B "spot pattern". Side A: tan background, leaf pattern with 3 greens with darker colour where they overlap. Side B: tan background, spots in two colours of green and brown.

Дополнительная информация: This was the first camouflage uniform used by the PLA (People's Liberation Army).
Another source state that this uniform was introduced around 1987 and that the first camouflage pattern of the PLA was a pattern resembling the British DPM more (but at a quick glance very similar to the one on this page).

Камуфляж Reversible
Камуфляж Reversible Камуфляж Reversible


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